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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2021Journal of Business and Administrative StudiesSt.Mary's University
Dec-2017Journal of Business and Administrative StudiesSt.Mary's University
Jun-2017Journal of Business and Administrative StudiesSt.Mary's University
Dec-2021Masters Thesis Book of Abstracts Graduates of 2020/21St.Mary's University
Dec-2019Master‟s Theses Book of Abstracts Graduates of 2018-2019St.Mary's University
Sep-2021Quality Matters Vol.15 No.59St.Mary's University
Dec-2021Quality Matters Vol.15 No.60St.Mary's University
Mar-2022Quality Matters Vol.16 No.61St.Mary's University
May-2016Quarterly Newsletter Vol.18 No.36St.Mary's University
Mar-2018Quarterly Newsletter Vol.20 No.42St.Mary's University
Jun-2018Quarterly Newsletter Vol.20 No.43St.Mary's University
Nov-2018Quarterly Newsletter Vol.20 No.44St.Mary's University
30-May-2019Quarterly Newsletter Vol.21 No.45St.Mary's University
Mar-2019Quarterly Newsletter Vol.21 No.46St.Mary's University
Jun-2019Quarterly Newsletter Vol.21 No.47St.Mary's University
Sep-2019Quarterly Newsletter Vol.21 No.48St.Mary's University
Jan-2020Quarterly Newsletter Vol.22 No.49St.Mary's University
Apr-2020Quarterly Newsletter Vol.22 No.50St.Mary's University
Jan-2021Quarterly Newsletter Vol.23 No.53St.Mary's University
Apr-2021Quarterly Newsletter Vol.23 No.54St.Mary's University