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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2019Vol. 13 No.3:A Note on Resolution of Tax Disputes Arising from DTTs and Implications for Developing CountriesAshagre, Aschalew
Sep-2020Vol. 14 No.1:Access to Justice for PWDs in Civil Proceedings before the Federal Courts of Ethiopia: The Law and PracticeAshagre, Aschalew
Dec-2020Vol. 14 No.2:Tax Appeal Proceedings before the Federal Tax Appeal Commission in Ethiopia: Critical ReflectionsAshagre, Aschalew
Sep-2021Vol. 15 No.1:The Ebb and Flow of the Democratization Process in AfricaAshagre, Aschalew
Sep-2014Vol. 8, No.1: የታክስ ከፋዮች ቅሬታ Aፈታት ሥርዓት በIትዮጵያAshagre, Aschalew
Sep-2014Yetaks Kefayoch Kireta Afetat Sireat Be EthiopiaAshagre, Aschalew