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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2004An Analysis of Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of Private and Public College Students: Implications for Effective Teaching StrategyShete, Maru; Alamirew, Bamlaku
2020The Determinants of Choice of Transportation Mode in Addis Ababa, EthiopiaGebeyehu, Kumlachew; Shete, Maru
Dec-2015Determinants of the Financial Performance of a Private Commercial Bank in EthiopiaTesfaye, Rahel; Shete, Maru
2019Factors Affecting Performance of Commercial Building Projects in Lideta Sub-City, Addis AbabaGebrehewot, Maerege; Shete, Maru
Aug-2005Performance Evaluation of Staff of Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation: A Comparative Analysis between Conventional and Distance Mode Accounting Graduates.Eshete, Getnet; Shete, Maru
Aug-2017The Practices and Challenges of Cleaning and Disinfecting Water Storage Tanks in the City of AddisBacha, Dererje; Shete, Maru
Jul-2004Quality of Education in Private and Public Higher Education Institutions: A Comparative AnalysisAtnafu, Bekalu; Shete, Maru
2018Relationship between Income Inequality and Economic Growth in EthiopiaGirma, Tigist; Shete, Maru