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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2013Vol 7. No 2 Judicial Protection of Private Property Rights in Ethiopia: Selected ThemesBurayu, Hailu; Stebek, Elias N.; Abdo, Muradu
Sep-2016Vol. 10, No.1: The Constitutional Right to Enhanced Livelihood in Ethiopia: Unfulfilled Promises and the Need for New ApproachesStebek, Elias N.
Sep-2015Vol. 9, No.1: Access to Urban Land and its Role in Enhancing Business Environment: Multi-track versus Mono-route Land-use MarketsStebek, Elias N.
Dec-2015Vol. 9, No.2: Judicial Reform Pursuits in Ethiopia, 2002-2015: Steady Concrete Achievements - versus - Promise FatigueStebek, Elias N.
Dec-2015Vol. 9, No.2: Legal Sector Reform Pursuits in Ethiopia: Gaps in Grassroots EmpowermentStebek, Elias N.