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Browsing by Subject 9 KEYWORDS Health development army: is a strategy that helps the community to implement health extension program in organized form. Health extension worker: are deploying at each village (Kebele) of two salaried female Health Extension Workers (HEW) who are trained for a year at Technical and Vocational Training and Education Centers. Health extension program: aims to creating healthy environment and healthful living by making available essential health services at the grass roots level. Neonatal mortality: the probability of dying within the first month of life Post-neonatal mortality: the difference between infant and neonatal mortality Infant mortality: the probability of dying before the first birth Child mortality: the probability of dying between the first and fifth birthday Under-5 mortality: the probability of dying between birth and the fifth birthday

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Jan-2015Health extension program implementation in improving mother and child health: Achievements and challenges in the case of Bakello Kebele Administration, Amhara Region, North Shoa ZoneAyal, Abebe