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Keywords: Merger,
Benefits and Challenges
Issue Date: Jul-2015
Publisher: St.Mary's University
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to explore the Benefits and challenges of merger in Save the Children. The study is descriptive research which provides more and accurate information about the merger. The researcher used both quantitative and qualitative research, where much emphasis was given for the quantitative one. Out of the total Population, 136 samples were selected by using Slovin’s formula. The reliability of the instruments was checked by collecting data from 35 respondents for 33 items. Accordingly, all the variables which were considered in this study proven to be reliable, by scoring Cronbach Alpha value greater than 0.70. In this study the researcher used simple linear regression analysis to examine the relationship between dependent and independent variables. The study has two independent and one dependent variable. However since the two independent variables have different relationship, that means positive for Benefits and negative for challenges, the researcher decided to separately conduct simple linear regression analysis for each of the independent variable against the dependent variable merger. The finding of this study illustrates, as the result of merger better funding access, Operating synergy, Cultural integration and, Sustainable program implementation were improved under this study. On the other hand, the merger reduced employee motivation, commitments and job satisfaction. In addition to this, employee turnover and Communications and coordination’s problems were enhanced after the merger. The results of simple linear regression have also shown that both Benefits & challenges of merger have statistically significant impacts to predict the merger effectiveness of Save the Children. The researcher concluded that Building strong image & Partnership, Operating synergy, Capabilities for better funding access, Better Cultural integration and Sustainable program implementation were the Benefits created for Save the Children as a result of merger. On the other hand, loss of employee motivation, Commitments and job satisfaction, Communications and staff turnover were the challenges of merger. Based on the finding of this study, the researcher forwarded some recommendations to Save the Children.
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