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Title: Assessment on E-Banking Service Quality: the case of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
Authors: Shewaye, Eyerusalem
Keywords: E-baking,
Issue Date: Jul-2015
Publisher: St.Mary's University
Abstract: E-banking can provide a reliable service to the customers for which make them happy. Ebanking service is a comparative advantage and can improve relationship with customers. The purpose of this study is to measure e-banking quality by using E-SERVQUAL model on the quality of the service rendered by Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE). Eight service quality dimensions were used, these are efficiency, Fulfillment, system availability, privacy, responsiveness, site aesthetics, security/trust and contact have been established based on ESERVQUAL model modified by Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry (1988). These variables have been tested to measure e-banking service quality. The data were gathered though a questionnaire with 60 customers and 5 e-payment department staffs. The study also explores that efficiency; Fulfillment, system availability, privacy, responsiveness, site aesthetics; security/trust and contact have more contribution to satisfy the customers of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. From the whole variable many respondent give high weight for privacy and next to this they give more weight to efficient. The study recommend that CBE must have done on frequent service interruption, it also must be certain about the availability of the system and work hard for effective utilization of the POS machine, and also CBE should establish collaboration with stakeholders such as Ethio-Telecom and Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation.
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