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Title: Factors Affecting the Development of Micro and Small scale Manufacturing Enterprises in Addis Ababa: The Case of Kirkos Sub-city
Authors: Workineh, Martha
Keywords: MSEs
Manufacturing. Sector
, Developmen
Issue Date: Jan-2016
Abstract: This study was conducted to determine factors affecting the development of micro and small scale manufacturing enterprises in kirkos sub city, Addis Ababa. Data were collected from 65 operators of MSEs. The data were analysed using descriptive statics. lack of land/lack of operating or working space, lack of access to markets, lack of entrepreneurship skills and expertise, lack of equipment to carry out businesses and lack of credit for start-up capital or expanding are identified the main factor affecting of micro and small scale manufacturing enterprises development in the study area. The study result indicated that, most of MSEs are registered increase in employment and more than a fivefold increase in total capital or assets during the entire duration of their business. Similarly, most of MSEs failed to formulate and adopt deliberate business development strategies. Sex, education status and source of skill to start business are found internal factor and association with level of firm development. So that, providing adequate working and marketing premise, provision of capacity building trainings on business development, management, marketing skills to owners and targeted action to control the import of cheap counterfeits must be made. Furthermore, measures need to be taken to promote the consumption of domestic goods so as to build a tradition of consuming Ethiopian-made products and thus expand the market for local articles, equipment and the provision “lease financing” should be strengthened
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