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Title: The Problem of Ethiopian Women Labour Force Trafficking to the Middle East Countries
Authors: W/Michael, Eden
Keywords: Problem of Ethiopian women, Labour Force, Trafficking, Middle East Countries ,Social Work
Issue Date: May-2013
Abstract: Trafficking of women is a worldwide problem. Different sources indicate that trafficking and transnational crime next to drug and arms dealing. Ethiopia is one of the countries known as major exporters of labour to the Middle Easts. This particular study aims to contribute to the understanding of problems of trafficking of women from Ethiopia to Middle Eastern countries for domestic work. The study explored major factors that influence this practice and about the problems they face. The study involved 50 women who are victims of trafficking to the gulf world 5 officials working in MoLSA. The researcher purposely selected women in the process of travelling and come to Bethezata medical centre for medical checkups. The study employed structure questionnaire and structured interview to obtain primary data. Finally frequency percentage was used for analyzing quantitative data and thematic qualitative analysis was used to analyze data from interviews. The findings indicated that the economic problem and lack of job opportunity in their home country have influenced women to migrate to Arab counters and exposed them for traffickers and abusive employer’s misery. Emotional abuse was the second highest form of abuse that women victims were entertain or live within the Middle East country.
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