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Title: Developing Learner-Centered Approach Instructional Materials St.Mary’s University College’s Experience
Authors: Sherkabu, Desalegn
Keywords: Learner-Centered Approach,Instructional Materials,St.Mary’s University College
Issue Date: Aug-2007
Abstract: This study aimed at exploring the experience of St. Mary’s University College TVET Programmes in developing Learner-Centered Instructional Materials. Data were collected using interview and focus group discussion. Five material developers and a focus group of 8 trainees were selected using purposive sampling technique. Seven sample course materials were observed using the same method. Data were analyzed using a strategy called matrix analysis. It was found that the materials stipulated broad aims that can meaningfully address the rationale of particular bodies of knowledge, attitudes and skills included. The course materials have a clearly set bullet-list of detailed unit objectives. The materials are made up of well set notes which can be made more focused to Learners’ future work by modeling the Relevance strategy in the TVET curriculum guideline. The educationally significant exercises can be made more and more valid by encouraging application of theoretical knowledge. The series of pair, small and large group presentations as well as occasional individual presentations of Learners’ works and the resultant continuous assessment of Learners’ progress reflects the Modern Learner Centered Approach. The materials are broken down into units and sections. Concepts, theories and principles are logically sequenced from general to specific and from simple to complex. A good deal of precision can be achieved by plainly highlighting forthcoming points under discussion. The newness of the constructivist pedagogy to instructional material developers and the relative dependence on individual efforts of the latter are problems observed. Thus, it was recommended that St. Mary’s Uni-College should facilitate a review of the materials. Instructors in the Uni-College need to carry out an indepth analysis on the materials under use for further step up in the quality of their training provision through up coming review of the materials. The validity, significance, comprehensiveness and relevance of contents shall be the focus of both investigations by instructors and review activity. The learning opportunities like the apprenticeship plan shall be made part and parcel of not only the applied but also the written curricula for best implementation.
Appears in Collections:Proceedings of the 5th National Conference on Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs) in Ethiopia

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