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Title: An investigation of the Major Causes of Student Attrition in St. Mary's University College
Authors: Habtamu, Kassahun
Keywords: Student Attrition,Causes,St. Mary's University College
Issue Date: Aug-2007
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate the major causes of student attrition (withdrawal, dismissal, and dropping out) in St. Mary's University College. Data was gathered from students, the registrar office head, the student affairs office head as well as the guidance and counseling worker through interviews and questionnaires. Relevant documents were also consulted from the registrar’s office. The data collected was analyzed using both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Analysis of the data revealed that factors such as financial problems, academic failure, lack of study and note taking skills, lack of guidance and counseling services, grading system, frequent absenteeism from classes, large class size, unstable working conditions of employee students were responsible for students discontinuation of college education.
Appears in Collections:Proceedings of the 5th National Conference on Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs) in Ethiopia

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