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Title: The Role of PHEls in Educational Provision and Organization for HRD & Socio-Economic Development
Authors: Ingidayehu, Yalew
Keywords: Role of PHEls, Educational Provision and Organization, HRD,Socio-Economic Development
Issue Date: Aug-2007
Abstract: At present there are many highly recognized PHEIS making educational provision and services in equity and quality at regional and national levels in Ethiopia. This alone has made a great contribution to the development of higher education in Ethiopia by proving wider and greater educational opportunities for those who are denied to access to government HEIs. Similarly, PHEIS of today can play significant roles in the provision and organization of basic and continuing education for socio-economic development and HRD of the count. The purpose of this paper is, therefore, to investigate the vision, mission and prospects of PHEIs in addressing socio-economic and human resources at the turn of the Ethiopian millennium based on the following basic question. 1. What are the major models of development that can be addressed in PHEIs education system? 2. What type of education programs and courses need to be designed and implemented by PHEIs to address the envisaged basic and continuing education for development? 3. What mode of educational delivery system need to be utilized in the provision of this development oriented course? The methodology of the study is a descriptive survey based on the data collected through document survey, questionnaire and interview. Finally, based on the data and information gathered and analyzed, the highlights of the findings, conclusions and recommendations are presented.
Appears in Collections:Proceedings of the 5th National Conference on Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs) in Ethiopia

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