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Title: An Investigation of the Relationship among Teacher-student Interpersonal Behavior, Anxiety and Students' Achievement in Language Classes
Authors: Atnafu, Bekalu
Keywords: Teacher-student Interpersonal Behavior, Anxiety, Students' Achievement, Language Classes
Issue Date: Aug-2008
Abstract: In every academic setting, there are various factors that affect the performance of students. Teacher-student interpersonal behavior and anxiety are some of them. The focus of this study is to review the relationship of teacher-student interpersonal behavior, anxiety and achievement in language classes. Having this objective, samples were taken from St. Mary's University College. The study uses questionnaires and document analysis to collect data. The data collected through questionnaire were analyzed with Pearson Product Moment Coefficient of Correlation. Pearson ' r ' was used at 0.05 alpha levels. That is, the statistical test was calculated at 5% level of significance. Consequently, the observed t-value above 0.05 was considered as non-significant whereas t at 0.05 and below was significant. Teacher-student interpersonal behaviors and anxiety made significant contribution to students' language performance. As a result, it was concluded that there were valuable correlations among teacher-student interpersonal behavior, anxiety and the performance of students.
Appears in Collections:Proceedings of the 6th National Conference on Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs) in Ethiopia

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