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Title: Government Policies and Private Higher Education
Authors: Taddesse, Eleni
Keywords: Government Policie, private, higher education, Ethiopia
Issue Date: Jul-2003
Abstract: In many countries privatization in the field of higher education is gaining prevalence, and public monopoly of higher education is beginning to fade. Perhaps, many PHEIs have the primary role of paving access to higher education opportunities with a corollary business oriented role. As specific, definite, and flexible rules are crucial for the dejure existence of PHEIs, the government is there to handle the regulatory aspect. The 1994 Education Policy of Ethiopia encourages the involvement of the private sector in the dissemination of education. However, the policy is set in general terms and silent on specifics such as organizational set up, roles and prospects of PHEIs. The Ministry of Education of Ethiopia, mandated by Proc. No 4/1995 and proc. No 256/2002 issued a directive in August 2002 (the final amended version) on the nomination, standard evaluation and accreditation of higher education institutions. This directive sets minimum standards and plays a regulatory role for both public HEIs and private PHEIs. The main objectives of this study are to consider and scrutinize pertinent provisions of existing educational policies and regulations considering the applicability, efficiency, feasibility and impact of the policies on the development, predictability and adjustment of PHEIs in Ethiopia.
Appears in Collections:Proceedings of the 1st National Conference on Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs) in Ethiopia

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