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Title: Public Attitude to Private Colleges in Ethiopia: An Exploratory Survey
Authors: T/Mariam, Samuel
Keywords: Private, Higher Education, Public Attitude,Ethiopia
Issue Date: Jul-2003
Abstract: The level of satisfaction of an individual or a group is a reflection of the degree to which expectations, wants and needs, relative to a particular event or issue, are being fulfilled. Satisfaction or the lack thereof, affects an individual or a group's willingness to support or endorse people, ideas, institutions, services, or product. In recent years, business, industry, public services, and governments have placed great emphasis on the satisfaction of those using their services and products. They measure satisfaction, they try to raise its levels, and they anxiously pursue their ideas to instill confidence and faith in those they serve. This study intends to explore the attitude of the public towards private colleges. It is designed to measure the level of public satisfaction with the education and training system in private colleges. It is exploratory in nature and is intended to act as a springboard for future research. Structured questionnaires were used to collect data. The data interpretation shows that the sample had somewhat mixed feelings regarding private colleges. Although the majority of the sample still preferred public colleges/universities to private ones, the margin of difference was not exaggerated. This may indicate that the public is breaking away from the lifelong attachment with state-owned institutions of higher learning. Private colleges are essential to diverse and independent education. Thus, it is recommended that private colleges find themselves competitive enough to get the support of the greater public.
Appears in Collections:Proceedings of the 1st National Conference on Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs) in Ethiopia

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