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Title: The contribution and challenges of Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs) in Ethiopia: The views of instructors and administrators
Authors: Tamrat, Wondwosen (Assoc. Prof.)
Keywords: Private higher education, contributions, challenges, Ethiopia
Issue Date: Aug-2014
Abstract: Following trends everywhere else in the world, private higher education in Ethiopia has recorded significant growth since its expansion began in the late 1990s. This growth, which reached as high as covering about 17 percent of the total enrollment in the country, has contributed significantly to the development of the sector as well as the country in general. However private higher education institutions in Ethiopia also suffer from different sever challenges. This paper begins by exploring the state of private higher education in Ethiopia, at institutional and system level. It discusses issues such as legal and policy framework, enrollment trends, programs of study, levels of training, mode of delivery, geographic distribution of the institutions, and institutions that have gone out of the market. It then delves in to the contributions private higher education institutions (PHEIs) have made, and are making, and the various challenges they are faced with. Taking the views of instructors and administrators from sample PHEIs, the paper finds out that PHEIs contribute in improving access and equity, playing positive roles in local development and economy, providing models of entrepreneurial culture and reform, and offering operational flexibility and efficiency in the sector. On the other hand the paper identifies the major challenges of PHEIs pertinent to government regulations and support, and issues of legitimacy and funding. Finally, the paper suggests a way forward along with specific recommendations.
Appears in Collections:Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Private Higher Education in Africa

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