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Title: Perceived Contribution and Challenges of Open and Distance Education for Personal Professional Specialization: The Case of Selected Private Universities in Ethiopia
Authors: Adela, Manaye
Keywords: Vertical Specialization, Horizontal Accreditation, Multiple Professionalism
Issue Date: Aug-2015
Abstract: This research on contribution and challenges of PHEIs6 for distance learners was the target of the researcher. 130 Open and Distance Education learners from four PHEIs were recruited as respondents via filling Likert type questionnaire of which 116 were found to be proper. In addition, secondary data from college dean reports and 6 FGDs among students have been conducted. Participants were selected using multistage sampling followed by stratified sampling from college to department level. It was found that 89% of distance learners take the presence of open and distance education through PHEI as an opportunity for horizontal and vertical professionalism. Few complain tendency to make business through education as many students purport as if “buying a degree”. It is found that distance learners are taking the advantage for availability of choices in department in target for additional degree and/or M.A. However, most learners attributed the challenges of learning through distance in PHEI as they are rooted from the institutions. Collecting learners’ satisfaction, feedback as per the need assessment and using e-advising are recommended for enabling learners to communicate actively and be motivated.
Appears in Collections:Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Private Higher Education in Africa

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