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Title: Internationalization of Higher Education in Ethiopia: Evidence from Public and Private Institutions
Authors: Tamrat, Wondwosen (Assoc. Prof.)
Issue Date: Aug-2015
Abstract: The changing landscape of higher education over the last few decades has brought to the fore internationalization as one major manifestation of the educational systems of both developed and developing countries alike. This change has mainly been driven by such factors as the globalization of the labor market, the augmenting mobility of students, the growing research and teaching cooperation being forged among higher education institutions, and the commercialization of higher education. As part of this global development, the Ethiopian higher education system has in the last decade begun to exhibit some features of the emerging internationalization of higher education. The major objectives of this study were thus to: identify which aspects of internalization are dominant within the Ethiopian Higher Education Sector; outline the rationales, benefits, risks and barriers of internationalization; examine national and institutional frameworks, policies and regulations that promote or hinder the internationalization of higher education. The subjects of the study were nine public institutions and six private institutions. The research used both primary and secondary sources of data. A questionnaire was used to explore the major elements of internationalization within the Ethiopian higher education sector. A focused group discussion was further held with subjects of the study to explore matters in greater details. Important policy documents and regulations were also consulted towards the same end. The major findings and conclusions of the study are discussed together with their policy implications with the hope of elucidating current patterns and trends of internationalization in the Ethiopian higher education context.
Appears in Collections:Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Private Higher Education in Africa

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