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Title: User’s Perceived Service Quality and Satisfaction with Internet Banking: Experience from United Bank S.C.
Authors: Temesgen, Nesibu
Keywords: Internet Banking,Service Quality and Satisfaction,United Bank S.C.
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: In the last years we have witnessed a substantial growth of Internet –based services, both from pure Internet businesses and from traditional companies developing online services. One of the key challenge of Internet as a service delivery channel is how service quality is managed, which holds a significant importance to final customer satisfaction. The purpose of this research is to deepen the understanding of the service quality dimensions affecting customer satisfaction in the Internet banking sector from the consumer point of view. Based on a detailed literature review, a frame of reference was developed for make the study as much reliable as possible. Five service quality dimensions were selected to be tested in the Internet banking sector in the company case, in order to explore the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction. A quantitative research approach was used to get a better understanding of this issue. Data presentation and analysis were done in accordance with the research questions and the frame of reference. Finally, in the last chapter findings and conclusions were drawn by answering the research questions. Seven service quality dimensions in internet banking were identified in this study (i.e., reliability and service performance, responsiveness, fulfillment, privacy, website characteristics and customization, organizational issues, and efficiency). Factor and reliability (Cronbach Alpha coefficients) analysis were carried out to determine the validity and unidimensionality of the construct. Furthermore, associations between the users’ satisfaction and service quality dimensions was explored, and found to be statistically non significant. However, overall satisfaction is significantly depending by overall service quality.
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