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Title: Challenges of Quality Management in Private Higher Education Institutions: The Case of St. Mary’s University College
Authors: Worku, Seble
Keywords: Quality Management,Private Higher Education Institutions,St. Mary’s University
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: In the last one decade, more than 60 private higher education institutions were inaugurated in Ethiopia. As part of their growth in number, they need to give extra attention to their quality management process because this is their essence of existence and their future development. This paper is designed to asses the major challenges faced by private higher academic institutions in their quality management process focusing on St. Mary’s UC. Both primary and secondary data were collected. Based on the questionnaire collected from the top management, academic, nonacademic staffs and students from the selected UC data analysis and interpretation were made. From the external environment, some selected employers were a part of this study. Finally the research paper concludes and recommend.
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