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Title: A Comparative Analysis of Academic Staff’s Job Performance between Private and Public Universities in Tanzania
Authors: Ngalomba, Simon Peter
Keywords: Academic staff, academic supervision, peer-reviewed journals, private university,Tanzania
Issue Date: Aug-2013
Abstract: This study investigates the academic performance of the academic staff in Tanzania’s private and public universities in the areas of teaching and research activities. The study aims to prove that there are differences between the two types of universities. An independent-sample t-test approach was employed to measure those differences. The study revealed that there are statistically significant differences between the performance in the two types of universities in terms of the number of research projects, the number of academic publications in international level peer-reviewed journals, the number of presentations at international-level academic conferences and the number of academic books published. But with respect to the number of postgraduate students under academic supervision, the extent of teaching workloads, expressed in terms of subject units, the number of academic publications in national-level journals and the number of presentations at national-level conferences there are no significant differences.
Appears in Collections:Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Private Higher Education in Africa

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