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Title: The Painkiller: Experience of an HIV Positive Ethiopian Woman in A Discordant Sexual Partnership
Authors: Gebreegziabher, Asmamaw
Keywords: HIV, discordant, married couple, woman, life experience
Issue Date: 24-Jul-2013
Abstract: This study was designed to examine the life experience and associated meanings of an HIV-positive woman living in a discordant sexual partnership. The findings illuminate aspects of the living condition of an HIV positive discordant woman and indicate base-line information that may be considered in designing programs. The participant in this single-case study was selected purposefully based on a selection criteria developed in advance. Following three successive semi-structured interviews, six themes were identified: HIV discordant marriage, partner’s behavior and HIV/AIDS, the ART, pre-term care and infant’s HIV status, family members’ attitudinal change, and supporting PLWHA. Findings indicated that the informant experienced both positive/sympathetic and conflicting/susceptible meaning and feelings.
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