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Title: Students’ Attitude towards Writing and Its Implications to St Mary’s University
Authors: Teklu, Assaye
Mamo, Tekalign
Keywords: Cognitive skill, process writing, instructional techniques, language form
Issue Date: 24-Jul-2013
Abstract: The major objective of this research is to find out what the attitude of college students towards writing is and its implications. To meet this objective, the researchers used students’ questionnaires as a major data collecting instrument.100 students who have at least taken 1 writing course have participated in this study and the data has an interesting picture to depict. Although instructors try to employ varieties of instructional techniques, these techniques are not interesting enough to the students. The majority students do not relay on the way assignments and tests are treated by their instructors and they feel that their instructors give excessive emphasis to their form related mistakes than their effort to generate analyze and synthesize idea. Less emphasis has been found to be given by instructors to learners’ cognitive skill while correcting written assignments and tests although satisfactory amount of cognitive skill consideration is made while instruction. What is very interesting perhaps is that despite all these odds, students have managed to develop positive attitude towards writing after taking writing course in the college.
Appears in Collections:The 5th Multidisciplinary Research Seminar

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