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dc.contributor.authorBeyessa, Feyera-
dc.description.abstractThe main purpose of this study was to assess perceptions, practices and challenges of female students in cooperative learning (one- in- five) at Mettu College of Teacher Education. To achieve this objective, descriptive case study research method were employed. The subjects of the study were 80 (22 low achievers, 34 medium achievers, and 16 high achievers of third year regular female students,6 science and mathematics teachers, 1 vice dean and 1 gender office coordinator). Stratified sampling followed by Simple random sampling (lottery method) technique was employed to select the sample female students, purposive sampling technique was used to select the college and availability sampling method was employed for teachers, college vice dean and gender office coordinator. To gather the necessary data, questionnaire, focused grouped discussion, interview and document analysis were used. The gathered information was analyzed using both quantitative and qualitative methods of data analysis. The result of the study revealed that there were statistically no significant difference among high, medium and low achievers of female students’ perceptions to cooperative learning and they have strongly believed (M=4.3) the academic and social emotional benefits of cooperative learning (CL) in their teaching learning process. The study also showed that there was statistically significant difference among them in practicing the essential elements that are necessary to construct their effective cooperative learning experiences, with only few top female students, who were competent among the heterogeneous group members had above the expected practices. Whereas, all low achievers and majority of medium achievers of female students were practicing below the ordinary practice to accomplish a common goal and they were highly dominated by active male /female students of the group members. Their challenges in CL were extremely related to themselves and their male student group members, subject teachers and the college as well. Accordingly, based on the findings of the study, recommendations were forwarded to mitigate the aforementioned problems.en_US
dc.subjectCooperative learning, perception, practice, elements, and challengesen_US
dc.titleThe assessment of Female Students’ Perceptions, Practices and Challenges in Cooperative Learning: The Case of Natural Science Stream of Mettu College of Teacher Education.en_US
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