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Title: A phenomenal of ‘Social Loathing’: Psychosocial Experience of Double Orphans before and after the Death of their Parents from HIV
Authors: Mekonnen, Habtamu
Keywords: Double orphan, Parental loss, HIV orphan
Issue Date: 24-Jul-2014
Abstract: The rate of new HIV infection is declining in Ethiopia. However,reduction in registered prevalence alone is not sufficient as the psychosocial impacts of the disease are still persistent. Little is known how family members experience stressors from the progressive illness and death of parents, how did they experience with changes in different care services? Hence, the purpose of this study was to explore and understand psychosocial experiences of HIV orphaned children. Fifteen double orphaned children, five care givers and five community leaders were identified by purposive and snowball samplings for interview. Focused group discussions were also conducted. Data were analyzed on progressive levels from pre-death to post-death experiences. Findings indicated that double orphans were vulnerable in many ways, and their vulnerability was more serious when they became the head of the family. The existing practices of care and support were focused on meeting their daily physical needs and were not meeting their psychosocial needs. The study illustrates that HIV/AIDS has impacted negatively on the psychosocial experiences of children including: abuse, fear, grief, loss of self-esteem, stigma and discrimination and social isolation. Children’s experience can, therefore, be considered as a phenomenon of social loathing. These findings can be used as preliminary data supporting more researches to profoundly explore the psychosocial impact of parental loss on children and appropriately indicate the need for interventions.
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