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Title: Gender Differences in Errors in Compositions: Selected St. Mary's College Students in Focus
Authors: Tesfaye, Hailemichael
Keywords: Gender Differences,Errors in Compositions, St. Mary's College
Issue Date: Jul-2004
Abstract: This study investigated gender differences in errors in compositions. To this end, twenty male and twenty female students were selected from St. Mary's College. A questionnaire was designed to control extraneous and other destructive variables. A standard proficiency test was also used to group the subjects in three different categories of their language ability i.e. high scorers, average scorers and low scorers. However, this study focused on average scorers only. After selecting the subjects, two composition assignments were given to them. Each and every error was counted and analyzed statistically. From the preliminary investigation, it was found out that there was difference between male and female students regarding the mean scores of the first assignment of male and female composition errors. In the second assignment too, the mean scores were still different. The statistics also showed that male students made more errors than female students did. In line with the findings, it is recommended that teachers should know that female students compose with fewer error rates than male students do, and hence, try to adjust their approach in teaching compositions.
Appears in Collections:Proceedings of the 2nd National Conference on Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs) in Ethiopia

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