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Title: Opportunities and Implications of the Higher Education Systems Overhaul (HESO) Project for the Leadership of Private HEIs in Ethiopia
Authors: Rayner, Philip
Ashcroft, Kate
Keywords: HESO,HEIs,Project for the Leadership,Opportunities, Implications, Ethiopia
Issue Date: Jul-2004
Abstract: This paper describes some of the opportunities and implications for the private higher education sector of the Report of the Higher Education Strategy Overhaul Committee of Inquiry into Governance, Leadership and Management in Ethiopia’s Higher Education System (HESO). The report draws on visits to 11 HEIs, discussions with members of the HESO team who were drawn from 8 HEIs and the Ministry of Education and evidence from 5 witnesses. It suggests that there is a window of opportunity for the private sector to increase its influence, demonstrate how it can help to meet the Government’s development agenda, contribute to the higher education reforms, improve its management and leadership and in the process gain access to various public goods. The paper analyses: i) what the sector can do as a whole, through its Association, for example: • develop as an effective lobbying body; • share experience, information and resources amongst members and with the public HEIs; and • develop and recommend a qualification framework and credit accumulation system. ii) what individual private HEIs need to do in order to improve: • strategic planning, organization and operational effectiveness; • communication and decision-making; • human resource management and staff development; and • systems review and cost effectiveness. iii) what the Government and its agencies can do to support the private sector in particular: • develop more incentives for the expansion and support of private HEIs; and • provide access to training and to QRAA and EHESI Boards.
Appears in Collections:Proceedings of the 2nd National Conference on Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs) in Ethiopia

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