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Title: The Role of Competency Framework in Improving Quality Research Output in Distance Education: Lesson Derived from Practice
Authors: Melaku, Getachew
Keywords: Competency Framework,Improving Quality Research Output, Distance Education
Issue Date: Oct-2013
Publisher: St. Mary's University
Abstract: Research is an endeavor for improving theory and practices in different sectors. Researches are conducted following different approaches based on the kinds of research. The type of research, the purpose of the research, characteristics of the research participants, the scope of the research and the level of scientific rigor are among the factors that affect a research endeavor (Lodico, M ., Spaulding, D . and Voetgtle, K. 2006: 5). What so ever the case, conducting research requires relevant knowledge, skills and attitudinal dispositions. In this paper, I investigated and described the role of identifying the relevant competency framework towards facilitating the production of quality research in education. I took the practical experience of developing a research competency framework for the Ethiopian Civil Service University(ECSU). In my report, I summarized the steps and procedures followed towards the production, validation of competencies identified in knowledge skills and attitude aspects and sign of the research competency framework. I also highlighted the role of the competency framework in facilitating research practices in the university in general and in the Institute of Distance and Continuing Education in particular.
Appears in Collections:The 2nd Annual Open and Distance Education Seminar

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