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Title: An Investigation into the Nature and Treatment of Learning Difficulties of Distance Learners at Intermediate Level
Authors: Masresha, Melaku
Keywords: Nature and Treatment of Learning, Difficulties of Distance Learners,Intermediate Level
Issue Date: Oct-2013
Abstract: The Study was aimed at identifying the learning difficulties faced by the distance learners of private higher education in Ethiopia at intermediate level and to explore the existing support provided by the higher education to its distance learners to overcome the learning difficulties emerged during self-study the textual materials and in completing assignments. The study was descriptive in nature’s it was mixed design study approach w e r e used for data collection a n d analysis. The population of the study consisted of two categories: the distance learners and the tutors. The sample for the quantitative part was comprised of 150 distance learners and 80 tutors using stratified and random sampling techniques. The qualitative phase includes the sample of 16 distances learners represent in four compulsory courses enrolled in two privet higher education in 2012 at intermediate level. Likewise 10 tutors and two study centers in eastern Ethiopia were also drawn for the qualitative design. Data for the qualitative phase was collected by developing two questionnaires: one for the distance learners and second for the tutors. Statements; items were developed at 5-pointlikert scale, three point scales yes/no for m and open ended form besides, percentage and mean score, one sample t-test was employed to test the Five hypothesis of the study. For qualitative part interview were conducted of 16 distance learners and 10 tutors. An observation sheet was also prepared to observe student tutor intervention in resolving the learning difficulties the result revealed that the majority of distance learners faced difficulties in comprehending the modules due to multiplicity of concepts ordained in the sentences, lack of pro per illustration in the modules and lack of study skills the module materials was not supplemented with audio and video programs. Lack of time was also a hurdle for the distance learners as they had to study a lot of modules in short periods of one semester the difficulty in completing assignment were; the difficulties in making self notes during self studding the modular material, problems in organization of studied/read materials, hurdles in presenting critical analysis of the question and difficulties in summarizing the answers. Lastly the tutors role was also non cooperative as most of the tutors did not correct the wrong answers written by the students majority of tutors did not return checked assignment to their students in time. The study centers did not function properly and learning difficulties of distance learners were not properly treated at study centers through tutorial support and electronic media.
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