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Title: Challenges and Implementation of Measurement, Continuous Assessment and Evaluation in Open and Distance Learning in Ethiopia
Authors: Adela, Manaye
Keywords: Continuous Assessment,Open and Distance Learning,Ethiopia
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: This research on challenges and application of assessment and evaluation in open and distance learning in Ethiopia was made by taking 160 distance learners from 3 government and 2 private university distance learners in filling Likert type questionnaire of which 142 are given back to the researcher. In addition, secondary data as archival were referred from two institutions and 7 FGDs among 49 learners have been conducted. Participants were selected using multistage sampling followed by stratified sampling from university to department level and year level or seniority. It was found that there are repeatedly narrated feedback problem in addition misuse of formative evaluation is the potential challenge. The misuse was in terms, weight given for assessment tools, assignment feedback or reporting pitfalls and lack of transparency. From the FGD it was also found that most of the learners make assignments to be done by others through payment. As assessment has equivalent role with teaching learning process in quality education, (Asthana, 2000), the misuse assessment and evaluation affects the progress and cross checking of learning outcomes that the institutions expect as per the statement of objectives on course syllabus. On the other way, summative evaluation and final exam administration has also drawbacks as susceptibility to cheating at administration and subjectivity at scoring as there is claim of "Single-Blindness" in terms knowing the learners' marks. As per the finding recommendations are given to institutions, center coordinators, invigilators and scorers (who mark exam papers). Though it seems impractical, efforts should be made to shift to e-contact of learner with the center for both formative and summative evaluation.
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