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Title: Learning Materials and Trend of Using Internet as Reference of Additional Reading in Self-Directed Learning among Distance Learners in Addis Ababa
Authors: Adela, Manaye
Keywords: Module, internet, reference books, learner friendly,Self Directed Learning
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Learning and teaching materials with reference materials aid learning outcomes. The major objective of this research was the analysis of learning resource availability for learners and learners’ tendency to use reference materials beyond the modules. 124 participants were recruited by using multistage sampling from five private and public higher educational institutions. In addition to 124 questionnaires administered and 122 were given back and interview were used for data gathering. Most distance learners collect learning materials late. It is found that many of distance learners begin studying as the tutorial and exam approach. It is very few distance learners use reference materials as additional reading to modules. Using internet for academic purpose is so limited. Module language usage, “verbosity”, exemplification restraint and frivolous were raised as gaps for creating better attachment with them. So to make and take better advantage from open and distance education, learners should be encouraged to read more, making the modules o be concise and consideration of learners level are supposed to be focal areas. The habit of internet should be using to back up the shift to e-learning.
Appears in Collections:The 4th Annual Open and Distance Education Seminar

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