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Title: Factors Affecting Sales Performance of Crop Insurance at Ethiopian Insurance Corporation
Authors: Shiferaw, Biniam
Keywords: Crop insurance, Awareness, Accessibility and prompt service, Professionalism, Premium and Scope of cover
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: This paper presents a result of a study undertaken to examine factors associated within institutional and personal framework that affected sales performance of crop insurance at Ethiopian Insurance Corporation. Primary data of the study were collected using interview from the top management of the corporation who were chosen based on purposive sampling and questionnaires from 204 respondents consisting of the corporation’s management staff and commercial farmers who were selectedby using a combination of census, stratified and simple random methods. The data collected were carefully edited, coded, encoded using spreadsheet, and analyzed by using both descriptive and inferential statistics, such as regression model. The results of the analyses revealed that awareness level, accessibility and prompt service, professional capability of staff selling insurance, premium level and scope of policy cover were identified by the top management as key factors determining the sales performance of crop insurance. The study has supported the established relationship between sales performance of crop insurance and institutional and personal factors. Based on their respective magnitude, awareness level of commercial farmers have the strongest positive relationship while scope of policy cover has relatively lower positive impact on sales performance of crop insurance. Premium is the only factor with a negative relationship with the sales performance of crop insurance. It shows that if these factors are taken into consideration by EIC and other insurance companies, sales performance of crop insurance might be significantly improved.
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