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Title: The significance of Good Governance: Case Study of Liben Woreda, Ethiopia
Authors: Hailemichael, Tsehay
Keywords: Public Administration
Issue Date: Nov-2011
Publisher: St. Mary's University
Abstract: Government could be considered as both social and economic entity with a goal of achieving common socio-economic development to its people. This study is intended to provide crucial information about the condition of good governance in Liben Woreda. 9 Sample of population residing in the woreda, mainly employees of the woreda administration, were selected for interview using close-ended questionnaires, whereby 52 respondents were selected. Data were collected on demographic background, political, economic, administrative, social governance, and cultural governance, strengthening of governance, democratic way of governance, awareness of good governance by the people, and availability of properly functioning management. The findings suggest that there are deficiencies of good governance in Liben woreda. With regard to political, economic, and cultural governance the majority of respondents were not satisfied on the services rendered and their evaluation for good governance was below average. They have positively evaluated the local government structure when it comes to the issue of social governance. The major factors that had affected the development of good governance in Liben Woreda was the poor functioning of the management, inproper democratic implementation of the local administration and absence of democratic practices in governmental institutions due to lack of workers awareness. Workers were not oriented properly on their roles, accountabilities and codes of conduct.Based on the findings, the Woreda administration had not given due consideration to strengthen community organizations as the provision of technical assistance was minimal and unproductive.
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