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Title: Variation and Association of Yield and Yield Related Traits in released Tef {Eragrostis Tef{zucc.) trotter) Varieties Evaluated During Off-Season in Ethiopia
Authors: Jifar, Habte
Assefa, Kebebew
Keywords: association, variation, varieties, off-season, tef, yield
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: St. Mary's University
Abstract: Tef is an indigenous and major staple cereal crop in Ethiopia. It adapts to a wide range of environmental conditions and fits to different production systems. Nineteen released tef varieties were evaluated in a randomized complete block design with three replications during the 2007/08 offseason al Dehre Zeit Agricultural Research Center (DZARC). The objectives were to estimate the genetic variation in grain yield and yield related traits, and to see the association among traits of released tef varieties under off-season condition. The analysis of variance showed significant (P<0.01) variation among the varieties for all traits evaluated except total shoot biomass yield. The correlation analysis showed positive and significant association of grain yield with number of fertile tillers (rg = 0.49, rp=0.32), shoot biomass yield (rg— 0.77, rp=0.71), harvest index (rg = 0.87, rp=0.73') and lodging index (rg = 0.23, rp=0.10). Days to panicle emergence and to maturity, on the other hand, have shown negative association with number of fertile tillers, shoot biomass yield, grain yield, harvest index and lodging index. The highest means of harvest index and grain yield per hectare were obtained for the early maturing varieties as compared to the late ones. Therefore, it is better to use the early maturing varieties (DZ-Cr-37 and Ho- Cr-136) for o f f - season planting, and double cropping in the central highlands of Ethiopia.
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