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dc.contributor.authorAmare, Mengistu-
dc.description.abstractThe major purpose of this qualitative study was to explore Academic staff's Perceptions towards female students’ affirmative action in Wolaita Sodo University. I employed case study method to assess respondents’ opinions and rich experience concerning female affirmative action. I targeted in to four main groups of respondents: 10 Academic staff, 8 female students, 1 gender coordinator and 3 gender focal persons. The respondents were selected using purposive sampling technique. To collect the necessary data, face to face interviews, focus group discussion and document analysis were used. Information gathered from the respondents were reported and analyzed by describing, classifying and associating of the information based on the major themes of affirmative action. The result of the study indicates that in its current status, academic staff's perceptions towards female students’ affirmative action were found varied. Majority of the respondents perceived that female affirmative act ion policy is indispensable as it improves female students’ competence. However, its implementation in various departments tended not to be regular and consistent.A great number of respondents also reported that female access to higher education was found high though access to resources (i.e., female library, adequate books and internet services, adequate water) was discovered as inadequate. Thus, it can be argued from this study that academic staff perceptions concerning the definition and significance of female affirmative action were found positive. It can also be said that academic staff's perception towards female student' support, gender friendly environment, access to various resources and department placement were found low and inconsistent across different departments. The recommendations forwarded includeprovide targeted support for economically disadvantaged female students financially and materially. Besides, support female students to adapt to University life in a safe, healthy and creative way (i.e., providing orientation sessions, friendly ceremonies on the social dynamics of campus life, positive and negative peer pressure, and coping and adaptation mechanisms). Due attention has to be also given to quality of light, and fencing around campus, well furnished libraries, female students reading rooms and separate ICT centres, full dormitory services, safety, security and gender friendly environment.en_US
dc.publisherST. MARY'S UNIVERSITYen_US
dc.subjectFemale Students Affirmative Action, Perception, Higher Educationen_US
dc.titleAcademic Staff’s Perception towards Female Students Affirmative Action in Higher Education: the Case of Wolaita Sodo Universityen_US
Appears in Collections:Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Private Higher Education in Africa

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