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dc.contributor.authorG/Hiwot, Tsehaye-
dc.description.abstractProject management practice has been improved on the past decades due to the publication of different literatures in the area of the study. Companies all over the world persuade project management practices to reduce cost, increase customer satisfaction and to better utilized the organization resources. The general objective of the study was to investigate the factors that influence the performance of ICT projects in Ethio telecom. The study adopted quantitative method and the descriptive as well as correlational research design. For the proper accomplishment of the study, the primary data were collected using Likert scale type questionnaire by distributing to and collecting from the ICT project implementers in ethio telecom. The collected questionnaires were cleansed and analyzed using SPSS Version 20 and Microsoft excel. The analysis include descriptive, correlation, regression and ANOVA. The major finding of the study indicated that project practice i.e. top management support, user involvement and project monitoring has significantly affect the performance of ICT projects in ethio telecom. However, user involvement on requirement specification and testing are poorly practiced on the company. Hence, to proactively avoid the challenges of poorly practiced project management variables, the researcher recommends to follow project life cycle, use project management tools and techniques, provide a good communication channel and support, involve user throughout the project implementation and use a good project follow up and monitoring methodsen_US
dc.publisherSt.Mary's Universityen_US
dc.subjectProject management and Performanceen_US
dc.subjectICT and Ethiotelecomen_US
dc.titleAssessment of Factors Affecting ICT Project Performance at Ethio Telecomen_US
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