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Title: Corporate Social Responsibility in Metal and Engineering Corporation of Ethiopia (METEC)
Authors: Eskinder, Helen
Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility
in Metal and Engineering
Corporation of Ethiopia
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Publisher: St.Mary's University
Abstract: This is a research prepared for academic purpose in title “Corporate Social Responsibility in Metal and Engineering Cooperation of Ethiopia.” With this the practices and challenges of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)in METEC is investigated in consideration to national policies and directions in balancing the needs of public enterprises with societal and environmental situations. The researcher aimed to find out the practical situation and enhance CSR to be implemented in sustainable manner by providing recommendations on how CSR can improve corporate reputation and performance of METEC after identifying the truth on the ground. In order to have rational and ethical conclusion, the study would conduct scientifically determined and selected sample populations and other methods to assimilate and analyze data that pave the way to reach the why of this study.
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