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Keywords: Human Resources, Selection
Vacancy, Interview
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Publisher: St.Mary's University
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to examine the practices and challenges of staff selection in Marie Stopes International Ethiopia. Basic questions that mean main factors for staff selection were asked. The study employed descriptive data analysis method to describe the results and findings of the study. Stratified and simple random sampling techniques were used to select the sample size from the population. Data’s collected through questionnaire were analyzed using SPSS Window 20.0 version. The results indicated that, Integrated with the human resources manual MSIE has staff selection policy but most of the employees are not aware of it, in a very rare cases is also applied inconstancy, staff selection procedure of MSIE is nondiscriminatory, vacancy advertisement is found effective which presents all the necessary information about the vacant post, application process is also found very easy for every level of candidates, even though the selection tests are relevant to the job, they are not being administered to restrict room for irregularities, most of the time selection tests are not found impractical to identify all the required KSA`s for a job because there are no practical exams given, the interview type was dominated by group interview which include three interviewers in most cases, most of the time the interview questions are not structured one which creates inconsistency, even though it is not consistently followed most of the time immediate supervisors are involved at the time of selection decision and selection decisions are made based on the average result of the selection panel members. Finally, shortage of manpower in the market for some specific skill requiring positions like Gynecologist and the under staffing issue of the HR unit itself are the challenges which are discovered. Based on the findings result, it is advisable to give a consistent refreshment trainings for all staff members concerning the policy, practical selection tests should be considered as staff selection, structured interview should be in place, before recruitment there should also be medical clearance, the selection decision should consistently involve the immediate supervisor of the candidate. Finally, the management have to analyze the volume of work that the HR unit have and deploy the mechanism to avoid the understaffing issue.
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