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Title: The Effect of Training and Development on Employees performance: The Case of Awash International Bank share Company Head Quarter
Authors: Ejigu, Teferi
Keywords: Training Practices, Delivey Techniques
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Publisher: St.Mary's University
Abstract: Human resource is the most valuable asset of any organization. Nothing gets done without man power even with the availability of material and money. A good training and development system ensure employees to scale up their skill and knowledge and thereby increase performance. The objective of the study was to investigate the training practice of Awash International Bank Share Company and its effect on performance of employees. The researcher has used both quantitative and qualitative approach in the study and data were gathered through a structured questionnaire and interview. A simple random sampling method was used in choosing participants of the study. A total of 104 employees from the head quarter of the bank took part in the study. The study revealed that, there is an absence of systematic employee training need assessment practice in the organization. Because of inadequacy of commitment by top managers; there is no strategic function of training which in turn resulted in ineffective procedures in designing, implementation and evaluation of training activities. The study concluded that the above mentioned problems affecting the performance of the organization negatively. Therefore in order to improve the effectiveness of training program at AIB, the researcher recommends vital actions and decisions to be undertaken by the organization.
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