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Title: The Assessment of Credit Management Performance in Emerging Private Commercial Banks in Ethiopia: the Case of Berhan International Bank S.C
Authors: Gebrekidan, Tekeste
Keywords: credit management
Emerging Private Banks
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Publisher: St.Mary's University
Abstract: This research paper presents the assessment of credit management performance in emerging private commercial banks in Ethiopia: the case of Berhan international bank S.C. The main purpose of this study was to asses the performance of credit management of Berhan International Bank as compared to National Bank requirements vis à vis its loan policy and procedures. A survey study research design of one private Bank, Berhan International Bank, was employed in this paper. The methodology used for the study is population census for bank staff and convenience non-probability sampling for clients to verify the bank respondents as the bank is the main study. Questionnaires were used to collect data for the study and the data is carefully coded and entered to SPSS ver. 20 software and analysed by descriptive statistics. Bank staff and clients involved in lending and borrowing activities participated on the questionnaire. The major findings of the study show that impeding loan growth and rising loan clients complaint on the bank are regarding the lengthy of loan processing, amount of loan processed and approved, loan period, and discretionary limits affecting the performance of credit management. The overall credit management activity of the bank needs improvement in devising a strong follow-up unit, devising an office that can control the condition and sanctionsat each approval document, establishing coordination among work units. Consequently, the bank should conducted monitoring visit before and after disbursement of the loan, shortening of loan processing and advice customers and give technical support that help to minimize loan loss and diversion of loans.
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