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Keywords: National Quality Infrastructure
organizational performance and effectiveness
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: St. Mary's University
Abstract: National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) is a combination of standardization, metrology, accreditation and testing. A fully functional NQI is essential for quality improvement actions within the country as well as to facilitate trade with international partners. Despite a number of study have been conducted to understand the opportunities and challenge of the National Quality Infrastructure (NQI), detail work is needed to understand the factors affecting the current NQIs performance. This study is, therefore intended to investigate factors that can affect the effectiveness of Ethiopian NQIs and give a base to identify measures that can lead to an improvement for NQI activities and performance in the future. In this study, basic questions like, to what extent do the services provided by NQIs contribute to the performance of NQIs and what are the factors affecting the development of NQIs in Ethiopia are raised and analyzed to know the causes that can affect the NQI effectiveness. Both qualitative and quantitative research is employed in the study for the collection of data. To analyze the data, both descriptive and inferential statistics were used. Results of the findings were presented both in qualitative and quantitative manner. The statistical result shows that the overall NQI achievement was found on an average level. In general, results revealed that poor knowledge management, poor resource allocation and poor equipment utilization as well as frequent failure and inefficient maintenance activities have retarded the implementation of NQIs. In connection with these findings it was recommended that NQI institutions need to improve their ICT and technology utilization; improves motivation of employees; strengthened international collaboration and recognitions etc. Moreover, it is suggested that NQI need to improve coordination, leadership commitment, and provide resources to overcome the barriers that prevent the NQIs to perform its activities in an effective manner.
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