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Keywords: QMS, CSO, Sustainability
Quality service provision.
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: St. Mary's University
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to explore the existing practices of Quality Management System (QMS) in international Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Ethiopia with the aim of assessing and evaluating the existing trend, practice, knowledge and skill in relation to the context of Ethiopia. The significance of this study was answering questions related to the context of CSO sector in relation to quality management system in Ethiopia; the factors (internal and external) affecting CSOs to use or not to use QMS; and what can be done to enhance quality service. The study employed mixed method research design and targeted international CSOs (foreign charities) for two reasons: one because they are the second largest CSO in the country next to resident charities; and second because they work in partnership with resident charities thus high possibility of applicability of the research output for resident charities. Primary and secondary data were used. In the primary data Thirty-six CSOs responded to the survey, four KIIs conducted with case CSOs; three interviews were conducted with donors and ChSA. SPSS, excel, fishbone diagram, SWOT and Civil Society Diamond were used for data analysis. The finding of the study indicated that there is gap in practice of QMS in CSOs. The gap emanates from internal and external factors. The findings from case CSOs indicated that the use of QMS has multiple positive outcomes such as attracting more donors, be efficient and effective, increased service quality, attaining strategic goals and mission, and enhanced sustainability of service. Based on the identified gaps QMS scenario assessment tool was developed to be used by CSOS to assess the current practice and to take action based on the assessment. The study contributes to the knowledge base both in the academia and in the practical- CSOs, donors and mandated government bodies.
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