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Keywords: CBE, Participation of women
Issue Date: Jan-2018
Publisher: St. Mary's University
Abstract: The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) is the largest financial institution in Ethiopia. Although the number of both female and male employees of the bank increased over time, the participation of women in leadership position lowers than men. The study aimed to examine the major barriers that hinder women’s participation from leadership and to evaluate their impact on participation. The study had employed mixed (quantitative and qualitative) research approaches. Primary data gathered from permanent employees (192 male and 171 female) using structured questionnaire to examine the factors (constraints).In addition,10 women who have administration experience were purposively selected to investigate the gap and secondary data gathered from various related literature, articles and procedure of the CBE. Data analyzed using both quantitative and qualitative (SPSS Version 20) method. Findings from the study revealed that data analysis results through regression show 54.3 % of a combination of individual, organizational and societal factors affect the participation of women in the leadership position. Family commitment, lack of sufficient role models, inflexible working hours and failure of line managers to assume women’s advancement as their responsibilities are major barriers. The study shows that women’s participation in leadership position affected by a combination of social, organizational and societal factors. To the other end, attitudes of people towards women role and being motherhood are the major barriers women to assume leadership positions. Therefore, to enhance the participation of women in CBE, top managements should be committed to implement affirmative action, awareness creation program should be implemented to the society, and strong network of women should be designed through which they can share experience.
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