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Keywords: Kaizen Nifas Silk, Implementation
Issue Date: Jan-2019
Publisher: St.Mary's University
Abstract: The purpose of this research was to analyze kaizen implementation on Nifas Silk TVET College using a descriptive research design; particularly, this research was designed to answer the level of successfulness of kaizen implementation and examine whether the implementation of kaizen brings better performance. Data were collected from 92 randomly selected trainers. The findings of the study revealed that the practice and implementation of kaizen was not at expected level; meaning that the overall kaizen implementation was not well organized and didn’t include an effective level of participation and involvement. The finding further, revealed that, although, the principle of kaizen analyze and thoroughly understand the situation before making decisions, however, it is constrained by resistant to accept kaizen concepts, doesn’t involve employees in providing planning, employees and trainers didn’t know their role & responsibility; trainers are not committed to give feedback, and etc. In principle majority of the trainers believed that kaizen have an effect on organizational performance such as productivity and quality improvement, Elimination of waste, and improvement of health and safety records; however, in practice this was not at place. Since kaizen is a continuous improvement continuous follow up and supervision is required till the implementation reached at standardized level and adopted by the college community. And the management body should concerned and assign entities who follow and supervise the implementation of kaizen.
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