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Authors: Tesfaye, Bezawit
Keywords: M&E system
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Publisher: St.Mary's University
Abstract: M&E system is a system that involves continues gathering of information and assessment of it in order to determine whether progress is being made towards the initial goals and objectives of a project. It is an integral part of the project cycle and of good management practice. The overall objective of the study is to assess M&E practices at BamaCon Engineering PLC. The study used a census method of sampling; project managers, onsite office engineers and project coordinators located at the head office, who are the direct participants of the M&E system of the firm, were involved in this study. The study adopted a descriptive research design that used questionnaires and key informant interviews for data gathering. SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Science) version 25 and MS Excel were used for data analysis. In addition, summary tables and charts are used for describing data. According to the findings of the study BamaCon Engineering PLC has well-organized M&E system but it is not entirely systematized one, but it does not have a guide or framework that guides the process as a whole. Physical progress monitoring, technical monitoring, financial monitoring and quality monitoring are applied on projects, but assumption monitoring is not applied on projects. Only a formative evaluation type and performance indicators are used as the M&E tools and techniques applied. The information generated through the M&E system are directly provided to the managing director, the consultant and to stakeholders/client of the project. In addition to that, the data gained is also used in making decisions for projects. Training regarding M&E has never been given to the staff. Data tampering during the gathering and reporting period of the system is also a major problem. Therefore, the firm should prepare a framework and guidelines for the M&E system. All the staff at the firm should be informed about the significance of the system. Training on M&E for direct participants of the system should be provided to avoid the inadequacy of staff and the data tampering issues.
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