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Keywords: Recognition, Promotion, Training Opportunity
Safety and Security,
Relationship with Supervisors
Company Policy and Compensation
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Publisher: st.mary's University
Abstract: This research was conducted to assess factors affecting job satisfaction of Ethio Telecom back office department. To execute the research objective, Census sampling Approach were used, and 313 back office Ethio Telecom employees located in Addis Ababa are participated. The parameters used to assess factors affecting job satisfaction of employees were Recognition, Promotion, Training Opportunity, Safety and Security, Relationship with supervisor, Company Policy and Compensation. The study used descriptive and inferential statistics research design. Primary and secondary data are used for conducting the study. To attain the objective, the study utilized qualitative and quantitative data types. Qualitative methods were employed to summarize interview responses and narrate open ended questions in the questionnaire whereas quantitative methods were used to show the phenomenon in numbers. The survey questions were developed based on Likert scale and employees were asked to rate their level of satisfaction across the parameters identified. After data collection, the collected data was analyzed using SPSS 20.0. The data is then organized, tabulated, depicted, and described in a way that can attain the objective of the study. The study found that Ethio Telecom back office employees satisfaction level is on average level and all factors included in the study except Relationship with supervisors affect the department employees’ job satisfaction. Its recommended that Ethio Telecom shall pay attention for the above stated factors which are influencing the overall satisfaction of the department employees and the management specifically shall focus on major factors which play a major role Recognition, Company Policy and Compensation in which in turn enhance the revenue of the company.
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