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Keywords: Descriptive research method was applied
The research work has used primary and secondary data
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Publisher: st.mary's University
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate the challenges of Quality Management Systems during implementation in BGI-Ethiopia’s and to examine how the organization can overcome those barriers. Descriptive research method was applied. The research work has used primary and secondary data for identifying and analyzing barriers using questionnaire, interviews, personal observations and review of previous research works. The researcher have uses 400 total population size. Of the total population taken 200 respondents are selected using purposive sampling method. This research work has reviewed the practice of the Quality Management System of the company and tried to identify major barriers. The research work has identified poor top management commitment, conflict between the new Quality Management System and the existing company processes, and lack of looking for ISO 9000 certification rated as extremely high barriers in the organization. In addition to that lack understanding of the purposes and benefits of ISO certification, lack awareness of ISO 9000 standards by the employees, lack of middle management commitment, and ineffective communication between departments, lack cross-functional cooperation, and lack of suitability organizational structure rated as high barriers to Quality Management System implementation in the organization. Whereas lack of employees commitment, resist change the existing system, and believing as additional workload from implementation of quality management system are mentioned as low barriers. This study is a qualitative and descriptive research work which makes use of a case study focusing on BGI-Ethiopia, but the finding can be used by other breweries and also as very few studies conducted in this sector, it can also be used as an input for future research works in the sector. Finally, recommendations are forwarded to fill the gaps observed in the findings
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