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Title: Determinants of Depression and Its Effect on Students Academic Achievement: The Case of Wollega University College of Education and Behavioral Science
Authors: Fanta Kebede
Issue Date: 3-Dec-2019
Publisher: St. Mary's University
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to investigate the influence of depression on students’ academic achievement with regard to difference between sex, age with depression as well as it’s determinants of depression and its effect on students academic achievement in Wollega university college of education and behavioral science. The study was carried out among 185 students (88 female and 97 male) from this 40 sample size were selected from the age range of18-26 years. The instrument used for data collection was close and open-ended questionnaire. The analysis of the data used frequency and percentage. The result showed that almost all students are depressed the only difference is in the magnitude. Depression interferes with daily life activities of an individual. It is a common and serious illness. There are many factors that contribute to depression. These include:s lack of social support from family, peers, and neighbors and financial strain, stress due to studies. As analyzed data indicated that most students have faced depression due to stressful experience of trying to balance social life and class work, uncertainty about money, leaving ones family, poor sleep habit, alcohol drug abuse, eating disorder and socialization problems. Most respondents have used many coping mechanisms of depression among them listening to music, calling friends, exercising and watching a humorous TV station. Most respondents have reported that they always have feeling of sadness, feeling of hopelessnesses, loss of interest in activities, appetite change, lack of motivation and concentration when they are depressed. they also mentimed that there is relationship between depression and academic achievement.
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