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Title: The case of Furra Institute of Development Studies and Education (FIDSE)
Authors: Adeto, Ayele
Issue Date: Dec-2011
Abstract: This thesis is based on the finding of the research study entitled Total quality management in Higher Educational institution- the case of FIDSE. The main purpose of the study was to investigate whether quality management in higher educational institutions is applicable, with reference to Furra institute of development studies and education. To this end, a descriptive study method was employed to find out what the actual status of the institute in total quality management application as higher educational institution. The subject of the study was 500 students and 120 staff members of the college, to assets the above issues as a reference. The respondent sampling was carried out through purposive and random sampling techniques. Information was obtained through questionnaires, interviews and documents. The information gathered was analyzed by tabulating the frequencies and calculation of percentage. The results indicate the total quality management concepts still are not fully implemented. However, there are so many indications and positive elements and hope that they will be fully implement in the future. Although the results indicated the positive aspects in implementing total quality management in higher educational institution, it is not effective due to so many problems such as, lack of capacity of the managers, lack of time and resources, lack of sense of commitment, responsibility and accountability of higher authoritative bodies, lack of clear plans, clear communication, lack of necessary facilities and equipment. Hence, it can be concluded that college is tying its best to provide quality education for all; however, it needs to do more on total quality management application. Thus, the study indicates that it is crucial to apply total quality management system in the college, and the top level managers and coordinators commitment is highly recommended. Further, it is equality important to pay great attention for staff motivational factors and fulfill the necessary facilities and infrastructure for further development of the college, which can lead to quality management system.
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