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Title: An Assessment of New Service Development Practice: The Case of Vintage Technology PLC
Authors: Mulusew, Edlawit
Keywords: New Service Development Practice, Vintage Technology
Issue Date: 5-Jan-2021
Publisher: St.Mary's University
Abstract: Service development is the end to end process of developing and launching a new service to be sold to customers. This typically includes market research, service strategy, customer experience, marketing, operations and launching of a new service. Thus the objective of this study is to assess the practice of new service development in Vintage Technology PLC. This research has been formulated by three leading research questions: How does the company develop new service? How effective is the newly launched service? How does the company promote its newly launched service? These issues have been described and assessed. Finally, based on the findings, some suggestions on how to improve the existing situation have been forwarded. This study was conducted using the case study method in the form of descriptive research. To carry out this study, both primary and secondary data have been used. For the theoretical foundation and analysis, existing literature was investigated. To collect the primary data from the customers of the company, questionnaire has been employed. In addition to this, an interview was conducted with marketing department employees and manager; questionnaires were prepared for the company’s customers. For the purpose of this study, both qualitative and quantitative data were obtained. The major findings that the researcher has come up with are :not following the appropriate new service development steps, lack of using promotion tools, lack of accessibility, following improper sales and distribution methods, and lack of innovation.
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